24v led tape light

  • LED Flexible Strip - Ultra-Slim High-Density Series - 2216 256LED 5mm 24V GL-24-FM24

    1. Plus Series using top quality material such as Epistar/San'an chip, Intermatix phosphor powder, ShinEtsu & Dow Corning glue, Heraeus 99.99% pure golden wire, pure copper & fresh plastic stand etc. as standard confiquration. 2. HiEfficacy Series with 16 LEDs per section, create high brightness output under same power consumption as luminary light engine. 3. Ultra-slim and high-density design, ideal for light engine of furniture lighting. 4. Two separated LED mounted next to each other, can achieve a diverse of LED combination with advanced parameters. 5. 5mm[0.2in.] width available with special circuit design in 2 channels only.

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