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Type B Waterproof Series ( Silcone"U" tube + Silicone glue )

The traditional monochromatic light strip only meet the requirements of lighting, to join the digital can be achieved after the effects of different changes, such as chasing, flowing water, changes in mode of transition, so that light source to achieve vivid, brilliant results.For home cabinets, ceilings, decorative objects, outline lighting.

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  • Features:
  • 1. Waterproof material: Silicone U tube outside and silicon glue inside,which is anti-oxidation,anti-UV radiation.
  • 2.IP ratio: IP67.
  • 3. Advantage of waterproof B type:
  •  A:Silicone material offers anti-oxidation,anti-UV radiation,never change color no matter how long is used
  •  B: Silicone material offers good heat-dissipation
  •  C: Keep good flexibility at temperature below 0℃ ,and not easily broken when bended
  •  D:Silicone can overcome all the disadvantages of epoxy glue
  • 4. B type waterproof is available for the following LED strips Series:
  •  1) GL-FAC/FA/DFA
  •  2) GL-HFAC/HFA
  •  3) GL-FB/DFB
  •  4)GL-2DFA/2HFA/2DFB
  • 5. Option for installation
  •  Option A: with 3M back of LED strips
  •  Option B: With Silicone clips and screws to fix the LED strip
  • 6.Packing: 5 meters/ reel

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