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news > We're back for work already under effective precaution - We are all fighters, fight for victory! (The 20th. Working Day)

We're back for work already under effective precaution - We are all fighters, fight for victory! (The 20th. Working Day)

2020-02-29 GL

Link to Wechat: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/PcxagSyTbd79IWZEV2CXFA 

Link to LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/general-lighting-electronic-co-ltd-dg_fightback-commitment-chinatrade-activity-6640824648839897088-FCfW 

This is our best wishes for future and our sounds of self-encouragement, for you, your families, your friends, your colleagues and us.

Positions and jobs are our battlefield, customer demands and orders are our goal.

With strong faith, we do our bests, work overtime but smoothly.

We process step by step according to SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management Control System).

We guarantee both quality and lead time for our customers.

Proportion of sales department now on duty is 100%

Proportion of other departments now on duty is 85-90%

Production capability has recovered to 80-90%


Morning meet of sales department

1582954471280168.png       1582954473355889.png

Paperless document learning

1582955793952991.jpg       1582955800617098.jpg

LED encapsulation workshop

1582954951173460.png       1582954954783510.png

1582955021962816.png        1582955021219795.png

SMT workshop

1582956350943966.jpg       1582956869124988.jpg

Soldering workshop

1582956626463569.jpg       1582956626122008.jpg

Testing workshop

1582956887679001.jpg       1582956887254556.jpg

Waterproof processing workshop

1582957057644824.jpg       1582957065790506.jpg

Packaging workshop

1582960261950900.png       1582960264427726.png


Company's free breakfast, lunch and dinner


A small flowing banner, a small reward of lollipop, brought us inexplicable tears, passion and excitement!

------ We will win finally for sure ------

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