IP67 Plane Series-Multi-View

  • LED Neon Light - IP67 Plane Series - Side-Bend NS-307 Multi-View

    LED Neon Light - IP67 Plane Series - Side-Bend NS-307 Multi-View

    1. Plane profile allows installation and application in surface mount or flush mount.
    2. 3-sided light-emitting areas present a wider multi-view performance.
    3. Uniform, dot-free, smooth and comfortable luminary up to 5 meters[16.4ft] run length.
    4. IP67 with endcap sealed by glue, for indoor or outdoor usage.
    5. On field DIY cutting and assembly by welding process.
    6. Dimmable available with PWM signal.
    7. Compared with traditional fragile glass and harden/yellowing easily PVC sheathing material, silicon extrusion technology is an advanced process, with high-efficiency production capacity and environmentally-friendly characteristics. Additionally, with high grade appearance, soft bend flexibility, strong impact resistant and high weather resistance.
    8. 50,000h long lifespan, 5 years warranty, for indoor usage. 36, 000h long lifespan, 3 years warranty, for outdoor usage.
    9. UL & TUV-CE approval.

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