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T9 Detachable LED tube

1.Adopt super bright LED as lighting source, light efficiency>100lm/W;

2.Modular design, convenient for upgrade, replacement and maintenance;

3.Be sold as semi-finished product, lower the import and export tariff; convenient for assembling in local place;

4.Built-in isolated driver, high efficiency, flicker free, no noise, conform to UL certification;

5.Replace traditional fluorescent light directly;

6.Imported PC cover material, high light transmittance, mercury and lead free;

7.Patented product.


1. Office building;
2. Factory; Subway;
3. Supermarket; School;
4. Garage, Parking lot; Home.

Photometric Test Report

LED panel light,Panel mount LED light

Parameter :

Part No LED LED Q'ty


(±5% )

CRI Power Factor THD
GLT-AE06-1 SMD2835 77pcs 9W 2900-6500K Ra>80 >0.9 <20
GLT-AE09-1 SMD2835 120pcs 14W 2900-6500K Ra>80 >0.9 <20
GLT-AE12-1 SMD2835 154pcs 18W 2900-6500K Ra>80 >0.9 <20
GLT-AE15-1 SMD2835 192pcs 22W 2900-6500K Ra>80 >0.9 <20

Part No

Light Efficiency

Luminous Flux(±10%)

GLT-AE06-1 >95lm/W >88lm/W >82lm/W 850lm 790lm 740lm
GLT-AE09-1 >100lm/W >93lm/W >87lm/W 1400lm 1300lm 1200lm
GLT-AE12-1 >100lm/W >93lm/W >87lm/W 1800lm 1650lm 1560lm
GLT-AE15-1 >100lm/W >93lm/W >87lm/W 2200lm 2050lm 1900lm

Product Structure

The dimensional drawing of LED panel light

Connection Wire Drawing:

LED panel light,LED ceiling light


1.Connect L to the AC L power line. The L line will power the battery, detect power disruption. When there is a power failure, the     emergency lighting module will begin to work.
2.L-SW connects to AC L power line by on/off switch and it controls on/off switch of normal lighting.AC N is connected to the null     line.Please make sure to connect the emergency tube according to the above diagram, otherwise failure in emergency function     may be incurred or light may stay on at 100%.
3.With normal utility power supply, the tube works in the same way as other standard tubes and goes on/off. When utility power    fails, the tube will bypass on/off wall switch and turn on automatically at 30% brightness. Light output in emergency mode    reaches 30% of its original lumen, lasting for over 180 minutes.

Many other Emergency Light for available.

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