SMD2835 LED Tube

T8 LED Tube


Standard color :
Warm White : 2900-3300K
Commerial White(Daylight white ): 4000-4500K
Cold White :5700-6500K
Standard Length :
60cm ,120cm
Technical Specifications:
1. LED type : 2835 SMD LED
2. Wide voltage Input :AC 100-240 V
3. Frequency : 50-60 Hz
4. PF (power factor )>0.9
5. Power Efficiency: >87%
6. CRI>80
7. Use or storage temperature: -20℃---40℃
8.Life time:50000hrs

9.With 5 years warranty.
T8-V series has two types of shell,frosted and transparent shell.

Dimensional drawing

T8 LED Tube

External Structure

T8 LED Tube

A. PC cover
C. Silicone thermal pad
D. D shaped Aluminous housing
E. PC cover of power supply
F. Built-in driver

Basic parameter

Part No. Length Input voltage(V/HZ) Driver Pins Beam angle


Life span(H) IP rate
GLT-AA06-3 60cm AC100 - 240/ 50 - 60 Bulit-in,Isolate G13 120° -20 - 40 30,000 IP40
GLT-AA12-3 90cm AC100 - 240/ 50 - 60 Bulit-in,Isolate G13 120° -20 - 40 30,000 IP40

Photoelectricity Parameter

Part No. LED type/Qty Power CCT CRI Light efficiency(lM/W) PF( 100% )
100% 40% 10% 100% 40% 10%
GLT-AA06-3 SMD2835/55pcs 11.0W 4.0W 1.0W 2900-6500K Ra>80 90 100 90 >0.90
GLT-AA12-3 SMD2835/120pcs 21.0W 8.0W 2.0W 2900-6500K Ra>80 95 105 100 >0.90

Illumination Distribution

T8 LED Tube

Light Distribution Curve

T8 LED Tube

Operation Standards

Operation standards of Dimmable T8 tube light :

Dimmable LED T8 tube keep same appearance as common LED tube and the same installation method.
Steps as below, (please refer to Tube Replacement Instruction for detailed operation procedures )

T8 LED Tube

The main feature of dimmableT8 tube is with dimmable functions in different brightness level.
It can realize 100% , 40% and 10% brightness level . Operation as shown below:

T8 LED Tube

Installation diagram

1)T8 LED tube light installation for replacing traditional fluorescent lamp
2)The T8 LED tube work under the right voltage according to the specification

T8 LED Tube


Application of t8 led tube

Widely used in supermarkets, hotels, advanced clubs, Residential lighting, underground car parks, business offices, schools, factories, lighting boxes, building decorative lighting projects and so on.


1. Adopt imported high-grade environmental friendly thick card as packaging material;
2. Professional box lined design, the T8 LED tubes are well protected in transit
3. Neutral Screen


1、When install LED T8 tube, try to avoid the minefields, strong magnetic field and high-pressure region.
2、Ensure a solid connection correctly in order to avoid short-circuit damage to components and trigger fires.
3、Install LED tubes in a well-ventilated place to ensure appropriate environmental temperature.
4、Using T8 led tube, please check the local voltage compliance with product requirements.
5、To prohibit the live wiring, do check and confirm wiring is correct and no short-circuit then power on.
6、In case of failures, do not maintain in private.

Note of led panel light

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