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SMD 5050 LED Rigid Strip

    Working condition : DC12V , Power 7.2W

    Part Number : GL-RB30

smd led rigid strip

  • Features:
  • 1. Length: 0.5M and 1.0M
  • 2. The colors of light resources can be warm white and cool white, the aluminum body can be black and silver.
  • 3. 0.5M strip can be connected with 8 pcs together, and 1.0M strip, 4 pcs can be connected one by one at one time.
  • 4. No dark space and with 120°view angle.
  • 5. Accessories and connected wires with a perfect and humanistic way.
  • 6. No ultraviolet and infrared radiation, low heat-release, long lifetime for 50,000hours.
  • 7. Ways to fix: fixed type and adjustable type.
  • 8. The view angle can be rotated with 120 to light a large area, and the lights can be used in different places according to your detailed requirement.
  • 9. Sealed way: against dust with PVC and waterproof by silicone glue.
  • 10. LED Rigid Strip With CE and RoHs Certificate.
  • Dimension :
  • smd led rigid strip


Type Color Tc(K) LED Type Power Lumens of each LED@60mA LED Q`ty Weight
GL-RB30-PW-E Pure White 5000-7000K 5050 SMD 7.2W 18~20LM 30pcs 114g
GL-RB30-WW-E Warm White 2600-3700K 5050 SMD 7.2W 15~17LM 30pcs 114g
  • Adjustable installation diagram:
  • LED Rigid Strip
  • After installate led rigid strip , after installation ,the angle can be modulate from 30 degrees to 160 degrees
  • LED Rigid StripLED Rigid Strip

  • Fixed installation diagram:
  • LED Rigid Strip

  • Fixed installation diagram:
  • LED Rigid Strip
  • Note: Curve for the lamp under different light projection distance and the average intensity of regional
  • Note of LED light bar:
  • 1.Read the instruction carefully before use.
  • 2.Pls ensure the label of packing match with actual product.
  • 3.Pls make sure the power is off before use .Pls choose right power supply to match the product.
  • 4.Pls do not touch the product surface when it is lighting ,do not see the light sources by eyes directly.
  • 5.Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • 6.Pls do not put the product as children toy.

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