Embedded Duxtproof Series-Type G LED Light Bar

1. Super bright SMD LED Chips;
2. Comply with CE certification;
3. 24V Input, used in worldwide;
4. Build-in Constant currency, longest connected 20m;
5. High Lumens, high efficiency, 60% save energy;
6. Special heat dissipation design, long life,30000hours;
7. Imported photodiffusion material, beyond harm from mercury and lead;
8. Easy installation, available to replace T5 fluorescent tube.

Basic Parameter

Part Number

Dimension (mm)

Material Input
Voltage V
Life( H) IP
GLY-AG05-PW/NM/WW 503 500 6 6063Aluminum DC24V 5.5Male/Female –20—40 30,000 IP40
GLY-AG06-PW/NM/WW 603 600 6 6063Aluminum DC24V 5.5Male/Female –20—40 30,000 IP40
GLY-AG10-PW/NM/WW 1003 1000 6 6063Aluminum DC24V 5.5Male/Female –20—40 30,000 IP40
GLY-AG12-PW/NM/WW 1203 1200 6 6063Aluminum DC24V 5.5Male/Female –20—40 30,000 IP40

Photoelectric Parameter

Part Number Chips type/Qty Power
CCT Ra Lumens±10% 2m flux
Light angle
GLY-AG05-PW/NM/WW 2835/57PCS 7W 2700-6500K ≥80 450LM 40 lx 120°
GLY-AG06-PW/NM/WW 2835/69PCS 8.4W 2700-6500K ≥80 500LM 58 lx 120°
GLY-AG10-PW/NM/WW 2835/117PCS 14W 2700-6500K ≥80 900LM 80 lx 120°
GLY-AG12-PW/NM/WW 2835/141PCS 16W 2700-6500K ≥80 1000LM 96 lx 120°

Dimensional drawing

The dimensional drawing of LED panel light

Application for LED LIGHT BAR

2.Higher-end clubs;
3.Commercial centre;
4.Conference room;
5.Factory, plans, office room;
6.Cabinet, cupboard, ambry ark of jewelry;
7.School, Hospital;


1. Avoid dropping, or unnecessary force to avoid damage the product;
2. This product is only eligible for indoor usage. Avoid having it exposed to damp locations;
3. Make sure that the installation is stable and the connection is correct to avoid short circuits or fire hazard;
4. No power should be involved during installation. Check if the wiring is correct before turning the power on;
5. Avoid consistently staring at the light when it is on to protect your eyes;
6. Non-professional people should not try to disassemble or fix electrical components.

Installation of led panel light

Many other LED Panel Light for available.

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