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300x600x8mm LED Panel Light

LED Panel Light

Super bright 2835LED as lighting sources, aluminium frame with good heat conduction.
Instant start, no flickering, no humming. Input voltage 28-36V ~ 1.1A(LED Panel Light with constant current driver), No electric wave, Imported light diffusion material,mercury and lead free.
High lumen output,high efficiency,energy saving up to 60%, Eco-friendly, energy-saving and high luminous efficacy. excellent heat dissipation structure,long lifespan,normal use can reach over 30,000hours.
TUV CE certificated, lead free, eco-friendly, conform to the requirements of ROHS.

Basic Parameter




power CRI



Light Installation Method Input Voltage
GLM-ACAB-2 300x600mm SMD2835 24W >80 />90 2000lm 85lm/w



/surface mounted



GLM-ACAB-2 300x600mm SMD2835 24W >80 />90 2100lm 90lm/w

Installation Method

The dimensional drawing of LED panel light

Application for LED Panel Light

Application of LED panel light,panel mount LED light

◎ Commercial  lighting, environmentally friendly lighting, warehouse , supermarket  and home illumination.

◎ IT, call centers, shopping malls and Exhibition Hall, art gallery, the hospital hotel  and other public places.

◎ Exhibition Hall, art galleries, museums, offices, reading-room, corridor, staircase lighting,such as contour range

PRODUCT DETAILS FOR 300x600x8mm LED Panel Light

LED panel light
  • LED panel light,panel mount LED light
  • LED panel light,panel mount LED light
  • LED panel light,panel mount LED light
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※300x600x8mm LED Panel Light When installation,try to avoid the minefields,strong magnetic field and high-voltage area;
※Ensure a solid connection correctly in order to avoid short-circurt damage to components and trigger fires;
※Installed in a well-ventilated place to ensure appropriate environmental temperature;
※Please check local voltage in accordance with the product requirements before using the product;
※To prohibit the live wiring for LED panel light, check to confirm the wiring correct, confirm no short-circuit and then power on;
※In case of failures. do not maintain it in private.

Installation of led panel light

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