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  • Power Supply Independent R & D LED Panel Light

  • The new designed LED panel light is a new type of products based on the energy saving commercial lighting and family illumination. Panel of unique design, installation convenience, firstly it can directly replace traditional lattice lights or panel lamp, secondly it can also according to the size of lamps and lanterns with subsection with installation, thirdly it also can enchase to install wall or other surfaces, not only used for lighting, but also as decoration, installation flexible, stronger autonomy.
    Lateral luminous forms: 1 zone lateral luminous led panel light, 2-phase lateral luminous led panel light, 3-sectional lateral luminescence, four stages side led panel light
    [energy-efficient] :energy-saving, high brightness, no infrared and ultraviolet, no thermal-effect; The latest hi-efficient (95%) constant-current drives.
    [bright evenly light] : bright light completely plane output, luminous angle more wide
    [ultrathin ultralight] : the dedicated circuit design, avoid a single broken light affects integral effect;
    [stability durable] : 100,000h use life, without radio interference, no pollute environment.
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