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  • 1.Having high brightness LED light source. Quickly start and the light is natural and soft
    2.The LED panel light of appearance adopting modem design, rational structure, scientific design of heat dissipation and optics, and high-level Aluminum edge, which is better for the heat diffusion of LED itself and keep a longer lifespan.
    3.Wide and stable voltage output, No harsh glare, Active without delay, High power factor, Lumen depreciation <5‰, Eyesight protection Specially using in long time work and study circumstances.
    4.Energy-saving: Compare with traditional fluorescent lamp, its lighting effect of the whole LED panel light is 75ml/W, adopting advanced lighting features, so this LED panel light can save over 3 times electricity under the same luminance intensity.
    5.The new inner high efficiency constant current driven power. The LED driver has self-design and strictly testing, so we can ensure the high quality and good after-sale service.
    6.Special circuit design, each LED can separately work ,that is to say, it still normal operation if a LED broken
    7.The LED panel light’s LED is the special high-quality chips, so it has more high intensity, less light decline and longer life
    8.Having more evenly light and higher lumens. The light transmission of LGP (light guide plate) is 85%.
    9.Easy installation: Can be ceiling or wall surface-mounted, Can be recessed mounted, surface mounted or work as a pendant
    10.No mercury, no UV and IR radiation, No RF interference
    11.LED panel light has conformed to CE and RoHS and is certifying by BV and ISO

  • Parameter:

    Product type: GL-F9535-PW/WW , GL-T9528-PW/WW
    LED type:3535 SMD or 3535 SMD LED, LEDs: 224 pcs
    Input voltage: AC 85-265V
    Frequency: 50-60HZ
    Working temperature: -20-+45℃
    Power: 60W
    Power factor: ≧0.9
    Color temperature: warm white 5000-7000K,pure white 3000-3500K
    Luminous flux: warm white 5216.9ml,pure white 4575.5ml
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