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  • 2012 LCD TV backlight module or inducts LED High Power

    LEDinside recently pointed out that along with the simplified design and LED consumption decreased, the LED power and brightness will also promote. To 2012 LED high power will hopefully be used in LCD TV backlight mold train

    Marketing research organization LEDinside in the research reported estimate, in 2010 the global LED back light liquid crystal TV shipment penetration rate will reach to 18%, LED back light liquid crystal TV shipment penetration rate will reach 43%, 2012 it will break through 60%. At present, liquid crystal's LED back light structure take side light of design with the both sides illumination as mainstream, anticipated in 2011 make both sides illumination or side illumination as primarily design, with design simplify, the LED amount reduce, the LED high power and brightness will also enhance.

    LEDinside indicated that in 2012 if appears only depending on one-sided illumination, using back light of design 1 LED lamp strip, at that time we will all use high power LED. Only according to LEDinside predicts that 2010 adopting side light design LED backlight mold proportion around 92%, the proportion of direct type design aircraft about 8%. But by 2011, adopting side light design ratio will reduce to 90%, the direct type proportion will increase to 10%, in 2012 picking the side light type design the proportion to estimate reaches 86%, the straight equation below proportion estimates reaches 14%.

    It is known that in 2009 the liquid crystal TV side light type LED backlight design structure, mainly adopt 4-side light and the total 6 LED lamp strip. The LED specification (each) the power is 0.4 W and less than 24 lumens brightness. In 2010 mainly developing up and down both sides light and the structure with 4 LED light strip, the power of LED is 0.4 W and brightness 24-30 lumens. In order to continue to reduce the back light design, the television brand, the system manufacturer and panel makers still are developing the new back light design structure. Anticipated to 2011, it will develop both sides illumination, altogether uses 2 LED lamp strip, or only the following side of the light, only use back light of the 2 LED lamp strip to design the structure primarily. With the mount of LEDs shrinking, the LED power amplification to 0.6W, brightness also promotes to 56-62 lumens.

    LEDinside anticipated that 2012 this field will possibly appear only depending on about one-sided illumination, using back-light of the 1 LED lamp strip of design, at that time television back light mold train will primarily use high power LED. It is known that at present the market of LED high power, power most above 1W, brightness surpasses 100 lumens.

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