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  • LED Stripe Light Of LED Lighting Industry

    The LED lighting industry is in the fast rise time, accelerated industrialization process, the imagine space will very huge in the future.

    After several dozens year technical accumulation and market cultivation the LED stripe light profession soon welcomes the paroxysmal growth. The Upstream Enterprise will enlarge to the MOCVD equipment investment and estimated that at the end of 2011 domestic market LED chip’s produce energy will higher10 times than 2009. The increasing LED chip production capacity will cause the chip price fall. The LED stripe light not only stimulates the display monitor and the back light source market demand, but also possibly causes LED stripe and lanterns which the present price stays at a high level by the market to accept.

    Once the LED stripe light and lanterns obtain popularization, which mean that a brand-new bigger LED market starts to startup. The entire LED stripe light industry will enter a new stage of development.

    The industry development depends on the market demand actuation, the anticipated that it will need three years Sustained high-speed growth at least. The short-term hot spot is the display monitor and the back light source. The intermediate stage are waiting for the general illumination market starts, according to a long time the favors solar cell will get more attention. Along with the semiconductor profession enter to rises the channel, the complete machine demand enlarges leads the LED stripe light market demand. The LED chip price fall urges the general illumination market to start most quickly hopefully at the end of 2011. It is estimated that from the present to 2015, the semiconductor illumination industry output value yearly average grows about 30%.

    The whole LED lighting profession will face simultaneously the opportunity and the challenge. The upstream chip production capacity will expand rapidly. It will reach first produces and masters the super-elevation brightness blue white light chip production technology the chip manufacturer to make a profit. Scale and will have ability to seal the super-elevation brightness and the high efficiency chip seal enterprise greatly will also profit from the upstream supply increasing and chip recession in price. Industry reshuffle is inevitable tend, the vertical conformity tendency is obvious.

    Recommend carefully Three Peaceful Electro-optics, Gentleman Blue Micro and German Bold Run. Based on the chip demand expands in 2011, production capacity of the company , the core technologies, the vertical conformity strategy consideration, as well as the company 2011 production capacity release point’s uncertainty, we give Three Peaceful Electro-optics, Gentleman Blue Micro and German Bold Run carefully recommendation rating

    Recommend Country Star Electro-optic. Based on to the company SMD seal high market share, the company in technical reserves, talent pool and leading edge aspects of scale considerations, as well as the chip price fall will bring the good advantage to company, we give the Country Star Electro-optic recommendation rating.

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