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  • General Lighting will attend 2011 Guangzhou international lighting exhibition

    General Lighting

    TIME: 2011-6-9—2011-6-12
    GL exhibition location: B area, 11.2 pavilion, C02
    GL exhibition area: 148 square meters

    The above is our company in guangzhou international lighting exhibition location, our main exhibition products:high power led light,high power led lighting ,led bulb,600x1200cm led panel light, 600x600 led panel light (thickness only 12mm, luminous efficacy: 117lm/W), led strip light (waterproof, no-waterproof, waterproof technology having more environmental and longer life), led spotlight light,led downlight, led tube light etc newest R&D products, welcome you to visit our exhibition pavilion.
    General Lighting

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    LED Lighting

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