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DMX 512 Controller

Mode: GL-CT-E

dmx controller


1.Operating temperature: -20-60 Celsius;

2.Supply voltage: DC12V, 24V;

3.Output: 3-loop;

4.Connection: Common Anode;

5.Connection Agreement: DMX512/1990;

6.Grayscale output: 256;

7.System Channels: 5CH (white, warm white, warm white + white, strobe, speed);

8.Package size: 218*163*73mm;

9.Gross Weight: 473g;

10.Static power consumption: <1W;

11.Output Current: <6A (per loop);

12.Output Power: 12V<216W, 24V<432W.

DMX 512 controller used an advanced computer-controlled chip, is used to control a variety of led lamps , RGB light strips, monochromatic light of recovery, LED modules. DMX512/1990 using astandard protocol, with connection to facilitate the use of simple, convenient, centralized control etc.; according to the actual needs of customers can be realized jump change, gradual change,chase, strobe and other lighting effects change with DMX 512 Controller.

LED Controller panel presentation:

dmx 512 controller

Figure Schematic of the sequence annotation:Dimmer1 dimming knob,

Dimmer2 dimming knob, Dimmer3 dimming knob, 6 DIP switches, the output terminals,

POWER-INPUT terminals, DMX - IN XLR sockets, DMX-OUT XLR socket.

Instructions :

LED Controller can be divided into three kinds of control mode:

1. Stand-alone use;

2. Multi-machine on-line use;

3. Through the use of LED Controller consoles.

Single Use

When used in stand-alone divided into: manual control and remote control.

dmx 512 controllers

A. manual control

LED Controller has three dimmer knob is used to control LED brightness for each road.

Controller on the six DIP switches, which is used to manually adjust the built-in program, the sixth for host bits, in front of five dial code for the program number, do host the sixth dial code must be set aside.

Under its operation see the procedure list.

B. Remote control

When the led controller requires a remote control, the controller of the sixth set of DIP "ON", at this time controller in a remote state. Remote control button fumctions as follows:

Multi-machine on-line access :

When you need to connect multiple machines, you can use DMX-IN, DMX-OUT interface for connect, detailed connection diagram is as follows:

dmx controller

In this system, the need to set up a host of other machines is set to slave. Host set up and use as stand-alone. Settings from one machine can be the first to the fifth set the dial code number need the address, address, number calculated by the following formula: Address Number = (No. 5 dial code) * 16 + (No. 4 dial code) * 8 + (No. 3 dial code) * 4 + (No. 2 dial code) * 2 + (the first one dial code) * 1;(No. N-bit dial code) represents the first N-bit dial code values, if the first N-bit dial code is set to OFF, value is 0, if the first N-bit dial code is set to ON, value is 1. For example: 1 = ( 0) * 16 + (0) * 8 + (0) * 4 + (0) * 2 + (1) * 110 = (0) * 16 + (1) * 8 + (0) * 4 + (1) * 2 + (0) * 1

The use of DMX 512 console :

DMX 512 Console

If you need to use led control system , all of the led controllers all the time as a slave to use, address number of settings same as Multi-machine on-line access, please refer to the address number from the above No 2 settings. Connection diagram is as left side:

Connection Instruction :

DMX 512 Controller

ON/OFF key: Switch function

MODE Key : Mode demonstration (Model: all pure white on;

Model: all warm white on.

Model: warm white and pure white work in the meantime)

"C+ " Key: Increase the brightness of cool white

"C-"Key: Decrease the brightness of cool white

"W+" Key: Increase the brightness of warm white

"W-" Key: Decrease the brightness of warm white

"CW+"Key: Increase the brightness of cool white and warm white together

"CW-" Key: Decrease the brightness of cool white and warm white together

Note of DMX 512 Controller :

>>Installation, try to avoid the mine fields, strong magnetic field and high-pressure region.

>>Ensuring a solid connection correctly in order to avoid short-circuit damage to components and trigger fires.

>>The dmx 512 controller is installed in a well-ventilated place to ensure appropriate environmental temperature.

>>Using this product, please check the local voltage, power adapter is in line with product requirements, whether the definition of positive and negative power supply and product line.

>>To prohibit the live wiring, check to confirm wiring is correct, check the no short-circuit, and then power!

>>In case of failures, do not secretly maintenance.

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