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LED RGB Touch Controller

Mode: GL-CT-CR204A

DMX 512 controller


1.Adaptable to low temperature environment, still available in    extremely low temperature environment.
2.Six color DIYfunction key.
3.The newest PWM control technology, delicate light     performance, no flicker.
4.High power dimmer control MOS tube with stable and reliable     performance.
5.6-8 meters IR remote control distance.
6.Multi- level, multi-color, multi-change flexible control effects,     with power input polarity protection.
7.Multi-type memory functions for color, modes, speed, and     brightness.
8.Smart appearance, standard input and outputport, easy     installation and high cost performance.

Technical parameters :

  • Controller
  • Supply voltage:                                             12VDC
  • Loadable current:                                         3CH
  • Output channels:                                          3CH
  • Output power:                                                 72W
  • Control methoda:                                           IR
  • Connection mode:                                       Common anode
  • Changing number:                                       32(20 static color modes, 6 DIY color modes, 6 dynamic changing modes)
  • Dimmering mothod:                                     PWM                                                             
  • Protection:                                                      The power input polarity protection
  • Grey steps:                                                     256
  • Loadable current:                                          2Ax3CH 6A MAX.
  • Remote
  • Working voltage:                                           3VDC
  • Remote control way:                                     IR
  • Key Number:                                                  44 keys
  • Controlable distance:                                   6-8m
  • Battery types:                                                  Libattery, CR2052
  • Working temperature:                                   -20℃~60℃
  • Whole machine
  • Identification:                                                  CE 、RoHS
  • Weight:                                                             85g
  • Packing size:                                                   L126mm/W57mm/H30mm

  • Applications
    1.Construction decoration:commercial buildings, airports or subways.
    2.Indoor decoration:hotels, shopping malls, squares, restaurants, bars, houses.
    3.Outdoor decoration: advertising boards, parks, bridges, roads and overpasses, scenic spots.
    4.Others: Decorating for motor vehicles, samples reveal ark and the places needing RGB lights.

    Dimension of IR RGB Controller:GL-CT-C01-A-Dimension


    Connection drawing :


    Note of LED RGB touch Controller :

    ● Please install the products by professional electrician

    ● This product can not waterproof, please put into water-proof tank if the clients want to use it outdoor

    ● Always be sure to mount this unit in an area that will allow proper ventilation to ensure a fitting temper-ature

    ●  Please don't install this controller in lightening, intense magnetic and high voltage fields

    ● Check if the voltage and power adapter suit the controller and LED lights.

    ● Please make sure the wires can sufficiently load the LED lights for avoiding accident.

    ● Please make sure all the wires are connected correctly before switching on the power.


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