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SMD2835 High Voltage LED Strip

high output led strip

  • Features:
  • 1.Energy saving 
  • 1>. Patented configuration design: light-emitting surface abide by concave lens, better diffusion;

2>,Patented circuit design: luminous efficiency: 100lm/w, save more power, 50% power saving compared with like product.

2.Lifespan protection

Over voltage protection:

 wide voltage 180-264VAC with the highest 300V input;

 The current can be adjusted automatically, when input voltage is larger than protection voltage.

 The current resume normal with regular voltage input.

Over-current protection:

The LED current keep rated when the peak current is larger than rated current.

The limited current circuit does not work, equal to short circuit, no power consumption, when current is smaller than rated current.

This application is based on the product series, Series G does not have this over-current protection

Construction protection:

Cambered surface as the light-limiting surface, the cambered space between the light-limiting surface and LED strip can protect LED when the strips suffer from external force. As shown in figure1.

the regular one in the market is shown in figure 2, when the strips suffer from external force, the LED is easy to destroy.
high output led stripOver temperature protection

When the temperature is abnormally high, the strips can automatically reduce the voltage to reduce the current and reduce the temperature.

When the temperature resume normal, the strips can automatically resume and keep in the best working state.

Solid material used

Use best fire-proof and pressure durability PVC as the protection tube.No-yellowing

Multi-unit copper wires as principal line, low internal resistance and small heat dissipation.

  • Parameter:
  • Part Number Input Voltage
    Max power
    LED Type Leds


    flux /M

    CCT CRI(RA) Lifespan
    MS-220-GF050 180-264VAC 5W SMD2835 56 500lM 2900-6500K



    MS-220-GF049 6W SMD2835 84 600lM 2900-6500K 30,000H
    MS-220-GF046 6W SMD2835 168 1100lM 2900-6500K 30,000H


  • Parameter:
  • Part Number Product size
    Cut length Over-voltage
    Bean angle IP Rate Workiong
    MS-220-GF050 W15xH7.5mm 50M 1M @230Vac 120° IP54 -20℃~40℃
    MS-220-GF049 W15xH7.5mm 50M 1M @230Vac 120° IP54 -20℃~40℃
    MS-220-GF046 W15xH7.5mm 50M 0.5M @230Vac 120° IP54 -20℃~40℃


  • Dimension(56leds):
  • led strip light

  • Application :
  • 1.1.Decoration for showcase, ultra-thin light box, hotel and other indoor areas;
    2.Elegant store and advertising board decoration;
    3.Decoration for resorts, display and exhibitions;
    4.Decoration for ceiling, furniture,car etc;
  • 5.Decoration for household suspended ceiling;
  • 6.Flexible for long distance connection, especially suitable for construction requiring for special lighting;

  • Accessories:
  • How to connect
  • Package:
  • How to connect
  • Note:
  • 1、Please make LED drivers compatible with flexible LED strips light before use LED strips;
    2、To use LED strips 5M in serial, longer than 5M in parallel;
    3、Before use,first check the power supply used in compliance with of the power requirements;
    4、Each roll ask for independent power supply;not to use of multi-volume series use;

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