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5050 High Output LED Strip Light (300pcs SMD LEDs/5m)

This 300pcs SMD high output led strips is to satisfy customers seeking a high brightness of the lighting and brilliant colors effects , the product characterized by the use of a three-chip TOP 5050 SMD LED as a light source, there are bright, colorful, brightness uniform characteristics, for home decoration, hotels, an ideal light source cabinet lighting options.

High Output LED Strip

  • Features:
  • Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pure White/Warm White available.
    Used Super bright 5050 TOP SMD LEDs as lighting resources.
    With accessories to help strip easy installation, strip continuous connection and strip connection to LED drivers.
    3pcs LEDs per unit.
    With 3M tape back,easy for installation.
    Input Voltage DC12V or DC24V.
  • This high output led strip can be in waterproof:
  • A type: waterproof with Silicone Tube IP67;
    B type: waterproof with Silicone Glue IP68;
    D type: waterproof with Heat-shrink tube IP68;

  • Waerproof High Output LED Strip
  • Parameter:
  • Part Number LED Q'ty
    CCT Range Size(MM) Λd(nm)/Tc(K) Flux(±5%) Max
    Pure White 5000X12 5700-6500K 1224lm 72W
    GL-DFB-NW Natue White 4000-4500K 2670lm
    GL-DFB-WW Warm White  2900-3200K 2322lm
    GL-DFB-R Red 620-625nm 650lm
    GL-DFB-G Green 520-525nm 1717lm
    GL-DFB-B Blue 465-470nm 420lm
    GL-DFB-Y Yellow 585-590nm 561lm

    The data above is under the test condition of Ta =25 degree ,DC 12V ,RH 85%

  • Dimension:
  • High Output LED Strip
  • Connect Drawing:
  • High Output LED Strip

  • Application :
  • Cove lighting.
    Architectural light for canopy,corridor,window,archway.
    Backlight for edge lighting for signage.
    DIY lights for home use.
    Path and contour marking.
    Decorative lights for holiday,event,show exhibition.

  • Operation Guidance:
  • High Output LED Strip
  • Step A 1 : Pull out the black clip carefully.
    Step A 2 :Cut the high output led strip light at the mark “scissors” or by every 3 LED’s.
    Step A 3 : Put the high output led strip light in the space between the clip and connector.
    Step A 4 : Push the clip in original position
  • High Output LED Strip
  • Step B 1 : Pull out the black clip of each side carefully.
    Step B 2 : Pull the high output led strip light in the space between the clip and connector at one side .
    Step B 3 : Put the high output led strip light in the space between the clip and connector at the other side ,and push the clip in original position.

  • Accessories:
  • High Output LED Strip

  • Note:
  • 1、Please make LED drivers compatible with 5050 high output led strip light before use LED strips;
    2、To use 5050 high output led strip light 5M in serial, longer than 5M in parallel;
    3、Before use,first check the power supply used in compliance with of the power requirements;
    4、Each roll ask for independent power supply;not to use of multi-volume series use;

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