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  • Our Location:

    Located in South East China, on the outskirts of Shenzhen City. Convenient transportation and numerous provincial investments in LED research have led the area to become one of the leading producers of LED products in the world.

    GL LED Factory

    Legal Structure:

    ● Established in 2008.

    ● Legal Structure : Private Chinese.

    ● Export Licence achieved in 2008.

    Other factories was founded(GL holds main stock)

    ● Hongqi Lighting Accessories Co.,Ltd founded in 2009.

    ● Boke Power supply Co.,Ltd founded in 2010.

    ● Colorful Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd founded 2011

    ● ZhengDaGuangHua Co.,Ltd founded 2012

    gl LED Office

  • Company organization:

    ● Factory :20,000 ㎡

    ● Factory Employees : 450

    ● Engineers and Specialists : 150-200

    ● Office Employees :200


    SMT Factory Information :

    6 Assembly lines producing day and night

    70 Direct labor

    10 Indirect labor and quality control


    GL brings highly trained and professional electronic specialists together with our field and sales professionals to establish a team with a truly competitive service standard.


    GL’s R&D team is primarily oriented toward customer demand,aiming at building a leading brand in China LED industry with a product range entirely customer focussed. Our R&D mission is to provide high-end, quality products in a time frame to meet market needs.


  • Factory

    As a leading enterprise, and with a proud tradition of professionalism in R&D, manufacturing and LED lighting control solutions, GL provides advanced technology and high quality LED lighting products to clients across the globe.



    Effective management is the source of enterprise survival and development. GL takes comprehensive management models and from the overall development strategy to the operation of the internal departments we ensure top down leadership.

    Lighting Complete Analysis System

    Testing Equipment :

    ※Complete Lighting Analysis System (Diameter : 2M)

    ※Analysis System allows us to measure:

    ● Chromaticity coordinates

    ● Color temperature

    ● Color rendering lndex

    ● SDCM

    ● Peak wavelength

    ● Luminous flux

    ● Color ratio

    ● Optical radiation power

    Lamp Complete Analysis System

    Testing Equipment :

    ※Lamp Complete Analysis System

    ● GO-2000-B goniophotometer system

    ● Lamp Integrating Sphere allows us to measure:

    The photometer of goniophotometer of luminaries

    Measurement of absolute luminous intensity distributions

    Measurement of luminous flux

    Chromaticity coordinates

    Color temperature

    Color rendering index


    Peak wavelength

    LED light of GO-2000-B goniophotometer system

    Testing Equipment :

    ※GO-2000-B goniophotometer system

    ● GO-2000B accuracy rotation component

    ● GO-2000B accuracy control and display

    ● ID-1000 accuracy digital lighting detector

    The photometery of goniophotometer of luminaries

    The measurement of absolute luminous intensity distributions

    Measurement of Luminous flux

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General lighting Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Tel: +86-769-82253316
Fax: +86-769-82253301
Mail: info@gl-leds.com
Web site: www.gl-leds.com
Address: F Building,Julong Industrial Park,Tianxin Meitang Community,Huangjiang Town,Dongguan,China
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