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Cree High power GU10 LED Spotlight

gu10 led spotlight

Features :

1. Base type : Gu10 base

2. Energy saving and environment friendly Full range of colors: cool white and warm white Superior thermal management with internal copper heat conductor and external aluminum housing

3. Light source : Cree XLAMP XR-E

4. Beam angle : 38 and 60 degrees

5. Color of led spotlighting : Warm White , Pure White

6. Body temperature : less than 53 degree Celsius

7. LED working temperature : less than 62 degree Celsius

8. Temperature of led spotlight : -40 to 70 degree Celsius

9. Brightness degradation : 3 to 5%, 1kh

10. Lifespan of this gu10 led spotlight : 50,000 hours

11. No noise ,non-UV ,no strobe light ,quick response and protect eyes , to ensure of the comfort and health

12. Does not contain any harmful substances ,environment friendly, green lighting products

Parameter :

Pho Part Number Color Tc(K) Voltage(V) Power Flux(±5%) Working
gu10 led GL-GU10-A3W1-WW Warm White 3000-3500 85-256V 3×1W CREE XRE 211.4lm -20-45℃
gu10 led GL-GU10-A3W1-PW Pure White 6000-7000 85-256V 3×1W CREE XRE 211.4lm -20-45℃
gu10 led GL-GU10-B1W3-WW Warm White 3000-3500 85-256V 1×3W CREE XRE 118.7lm -20-45℃
gu10 led GL-GU10-B1W3-PW Pure White 6000-7000 85-256V 1×3W CREE XRE 151.4lm -20-45℃

Test Temperature: (environment temperature:25°)

Dimension :

GU10 LED Spotlight

Application :

GU10 LED spotlights, as an additional indoor lighting,are widely used for villa,restaurant,hotel,meeting room,show room,shop,telephone cabinet ,counter and so on

Remark :

Read the instruction carefully before use.

Pls sure the label of packing match with the actual produce

Pls make sure the power is off before use.PLS choose the right power supply to match the product directly

GU10 led spotlight indoor use only

PLS do not put high power led spotlight as childrens toy


A: When installation, try to avoid the minefields, strong magnetic field and high-pressure area.

B. I nstalled in a well-ventilated place to ensure appropriate environmental temperature.

C: Check whether the power and lighting matches.

D: To ensure that the correct wiring firm, so as to avoid short-circuit damage to componentsand trigger fires.

E: If a malfunction occurs the problem, do not maintenance in private .

Project Foto :

E27 high power led spotlight

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