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  • About the LED Tube light application

    Glare lighting of office illumination is one of very important target. In fact, glare-light is lamps and lanterns, not the light source. LED T8 will be accepted easily by everybody. The reference fluorescent tube, LED T8 has a more uniform light, rather than adopts transparent cover in the beginning, saw directly LED creates dazzlingly, thus forms dazzles. In view of the different application, solving dazzles should put into making the lamps and lanterns design, not depending on the light source. So the uniform light and the transparent two product plan may take civil, but uses the different situation.
    It is right, illumination products not only have unique design, but also have the good capacity of production guarantee(many manufacturers ignore this point, therefore product reliability need many aspects guaranteed and a link's careless will make our diligently have a great discount.
    Diffuse heat of LED is junction temperature. Generally, there is no way to test the junction temperature, what we should do? We know that high efficiency LED will give a parameter thermal resistance, the same to the LED paste. Therefore we measure the base pin temperature and the thermal resistance when we make the product test (this come from company experienced accumulated), we can know the Led junction temperature range. At present, As I know there are not measurement the LED chip of junction temperature in application manufacturer. Upstairs, if you have any good way, we can share together.
    Continue to talk about heat dissipation:
    Good heat dissipation, the first, making LEDs’ heat diffuse, that is to say, this is a advantage which the heat more easily transmit to PCB, if adopting patch replace plug (other advantages are not heat dissipation, so we discuss later). Secondly, how the heat will quickly export PCB, which need a bit of experience in the thermal conductivity of PCB design, such as, increasing solder pad and so on. In principle, one is reduce the PCB itself heat flow, anther is reduce thermal resistance between the PCB and the case. Thirdly, how to make cover of heat conduction to the environment, this not only consider the area of heat dissipation, but also the shape of your products and the ways and environment of using.
    If you can consider above all during T8 thermal design, T8 of thermal dissipation has basically completed. Of course, you should make well and right in every step and need know some basic knowledge about thermal design.

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