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  • SMD 3528 Flexible LED Strips 300 / 600 LEDs
  • Our Flexible LED Strips are designed to reach a harmonious effect of single colour, allowing for a warm and friendly environment whilst offering excellent energy-saving. The Flexible single Colour Light Strips can be used creatively in interior decoration and are well suited for lighting narrow or dark spaces. These LEDs strips are ideal for kitchen cabinetlighting, car lighting, and any home lighting, as well as for adding light to coves, valances, doorways and other hard-to-light nooks and crannies. Although great in the home, flexible LED Strip Lighting is easy to install and so is perfect for use in business locations and retail exhibitions giving jewellery and watch displays an extra sparkle. They even work for edge-lit glass decoration, offering a modern and appealing option.

  • The flexible LED Strip is available with the ‘water-flow’ effect which again offers a different look, this mode and function can bring a very different feel to a display. Flexible strip lights can add to your business environment, create a romantic mood in your restaurant, enhance the ambiance of a bar or club, or to create eye-popping windows and the improve the overall display capabilities of your shop.
  • DC 12V low voltage is safe and friendly to the environment. Flexible LED Strip Lights offer a wide-angle beam which ensures they light evenly and do not cast shadows on surfaces.
  • The Flexible LED Strip light are available by the roll (5meters standard )or in a custom length that can be cut to your specifications in increments of two inches (every 3 LEDs). You can cut at marked line on the surface of PCB. Pairs of indicated solder spots provide great connect for attaching wires - each one is indicated with a + mark for positive, and - for negative. You can easily connect multiple rolls together by soldering the spots together or use our smd LED Strip Connectors.

The lifespan of our LED Flexible Strip is over 50,000 hours. Though the strip lives on a carbon diet, the low wattage transfers to lower emissions, low voltage and low heat , this means there is no need to worry about electric shock or fire risk even though you can touch the surface of the strips with bare hands when lit.


Our Flexible LED strips bear a RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)、UL and CE certificate that strictly ensures that no toxic materials were used during the process of manufacturing and guarantees their quality.

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